IRS audit

Office Audit

What is an office audit?

An office audit is a type of IRS audit. With an office audit, the taxpayer being audited by the IRS will have to face an IRS auditor. Each year, a small number of taxpayers are selected for office audits. If you have been selected for an IRS office audit, the IRS will send you a letter detailing:

  • The year or years that you are being audited

  • The books and records you need to bring to the face-to-face meeting with the IRS auditor,

  • The time and place you need to be for the IRS audit

  • The name of the IRS auditor to see


irs office audit

The IRS also give your phone number to call in case you do not understand instructions. If you cannot make the time that the IRS wants to conduct the audit, you can call to reschedule the time of your IRS audit. Usually, you will be contacting your local IRS office when you are being audited.

What if I cannot make the IRS audit meeting?

If you find that you cannot make it to the IRS audit meeting, you can call the IRS to reschedule your audit time and date. It is not difficult to postpone an IRS audit if you have reasonable reasons. Some people postponed that IRS audits many times. You should not keep postponing your IRS audit many times, though.