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Penalty Abatement Letter Sample

Below is a penalty abatement letter sample. You can use the penalty abatement letter sample below to model your penalty abatement letter to the IRS whenever you receive a penalty assessment. There are other penalty abatement letter sample, the one below is one of many. Using the penalty abatement letter sample below, you can fill in the blanks with your personal information.

Penalty Abatement Letter Sample 1



Your name:__________
Your address:_______

Your SSN:___________

Dear IRS:

This is a letter in response to your letter dated _________, demanding the payment of ______ for [reasons]__________.

This letter is a protest to the penalty assessment and a request for penalty abatement for reasons shown below. The facts below establish reasonable cause for my request for penalty abatement.


I did not act in a "willfully negligent" manner. My reason for [your case of non compliance of the tax laws] was due to "reasonable cause". [Brief summary of why you failed to comply with tax laws].

[what you did to ensure the best you can to comply with the tax laws]. For this reason, I acted in a reasonable manner and not willfully negligent.

Based the facts, I submit that the penalty assessment(s) for [reason] be abated. I hereby formally request for penalty abatement.

Under penalty of perjury, I declare that all of the above statements in my penalty abatement letter are true and accurate in all aspects.


Your Signature:________________