IRS audit

IRS repetitive audit

The IRS is also known for IRS repetitive audit. An IRS repetitive audit is an IRS audit conducted on the same tax payer over and over. The IRS is known for auditing some of the same taxpayers over and over again.

The IRS can audit the same tax payer if each IRS audit procedures result in additional tax due. However, if a tax payer underwent a previous IRS audit that produced little or no change to a tax return, and the IRS wants to audit that same tax payer' s tax return again for the same reason or reasons, the tax payer can tell the IRS that the proposed IRS audit should be discontinued because the IRS audit is an IRS repetitive audit procedure.

To support this discontinuation of IRS repetitive audit, the tax payer should send the IRS tax auditor the following documentation.


  • a copy of the last IRS tax audit' s appointment letter or anything else that shows the issues involved

  • a copy of the no change letter from the last IRS audit

  • a copy of the previous IRS audit' s tax returns


When the IRS receives this information, the IRS will often agree that the situation represents an IRS repetitive audit and will discontinue the IRS audit promptly.