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IRS Tax Attorney: why you need a tax attorney

by Jose Carrera

Around the time when taxes are due, an IRS tax attorney is one very popular person. So, what does an IRS tax attorney do and why does one need an IRS tax attorney? There are currently tens of thousands of individuals across the U.S. employed as tax professionals, including those who work at the most common tax preparation services. (H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, etc...) However, none of these individuals can offer the very important services that only an IRS tax attorney can provide.

Why do we need an IRS tax attorney?

Licensed and certified accountants, CPAs, MBAs, and even your next door neighbor with a tax software program will all offer to help you "do" your taxes... But only bona fide IRS tax attorneys can help when you are in an important or troublesome tax situation. They also offer confidentiality, practical advice for the long run, and negotiating skills to remedy any encounters with the IRS.

IRS tax attorney

Tax preparation, tax filing, and tax payment times are notoriously stressful. Especially for those with significant tax debt owed to the IRS, people can find themselves speaking or thinking poorly as the time to pay taxes approaches. This confusing time can be much, much more stressful when you feel that you can't speak openly to your tax professional. Since there is no confidentiality between a typical tax professional and their clients, the stress will only get worse, sometimes causing harm in the form of unclaimed deductions that you didn't feel appropriate to speak about with the tax professional.

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