IRS audit

During IRS audit

This section of IRS audit information website deals with what  happens during IRS audit.

Analysis of tax return

During an IRS audit, an IRS revenue agent, will analyze both the income and deductions a tax payer being audited have reported to make sure that the tax return is substantially correct.

What IRS audit officers cannot do

The IRS audit officers do not have the power to:

  • seize a tax payer' s assets,

  • put a levy on the tax payer' s wages,

  • make arrests of tax payer, or

  • do anything else that does not relate solely to determine the accuracy of a tax payer' s tax return.

An IRS tax auditor or IRS audit officer does not have the power to penalize a tax payer but an IRS tax auditor or IRS audit officer can make a tax payer' s life who is being audited miserable during an IRS audit. Even the IRS recognizes in its IRS Publication 1 that a tax payer is responsible only for paying the correct amount of tax due under the IRS tax law not more or less.